Crash Team Racing 2017 NEWS

As if Crash Bandicoot’s comeback in the N. Sane Trilogy was not enough, there is an anticipation about the return of Crash Team Racing! Yes, that’s right, after eighteen years there is a real possibility of playing a remastered version of the famous racing video game originally developed by Naughty Dog. The news come from an interview by Game Central to Kara Massie, producer of the N. Sane Trilogy, in which she states about Vicarious Visions development studio’s work: “I’d love to work on another Crash game, this has been marvellous“. When she’s asked about what we’re going to see after the N. Sane Trilogy, in particular a new game or Crash Team Racing, she described CTR as a “a popular one“, saying “I can’t [answer], but also these decisions aren’t made by me. So we’ll have to see how this game [N. Sane Trilogy] does first“. So, remember that the remastered trilogy will be released on June 30, 2017 and stay tuned for further news about Crash Team Racing!