Far Cry 4, the victory of freedom





The mighty rocks and lands, the smells and the colors of Kyrat. The cruelty of the human mind and the animal violence. This adventure is a set of the most impressive songs of the soul. We can hear people enjoy power, other in despair, other frightened or defiant. The voices, the cries and the whispers play an important role in the experiences of combat, conquest and exploration. The mission to give glory to our mother, spreading his ashes. Everything moves quickly, life and death chase through a maze of trees and mountains. The leader of the thugs, proud of himself, he tempt us, he wants us. He would never want to lose his kingdom. But our task is worth a man’s life. We must celebrate death. Sacred, exotic, precious death. We got followers, united against the dictatorship. Many choices and different destinies. But only one final step: the claim of Kyrat. The release of a long awaited desire, the gift of peace, the destruction of oppression. We are strong as elephants and fierce as tigers, we are ready to face and enjoy the Shangri-La, to escape the snow, to spy, to hit. The mountains are watching us and so the trees and so the eagles, the badgers, the snakes and the rhinos. Life is an adventure and an endless mission. As endless as pleasure, or the silence of caves and temples. Freedom is the victory.




Far Cry 4 is a hymn to the freedom from oppression, surrounded by colors, sounds and unique atmospheres. The Himalayas are the ideal kingdom to improvise ourselves adventurers, among soldiers and wild animals. The desire of the deceased mother and the discovery of the Path of Gold will push us to the limit. Anything to realize a dream, anything to say yes to the future. A country as fascinating as dangerous, with one watchword: freedom.