Limbo. Is there really death?



The dark atmosphere, the black earth. No regular soundtrack, neither songs. Rustles, distant echoes and footsteps. The awakening from the deep black it seems to be a hope. White eyes fixed on the logic challanges and the search of our sister. Puzzles and traps; life is difficult since its beginning. The shadows and the approach with spiders: hair and long legs. Stress and fears come to the surface. Then the rain, the water and the loss of ourselves. Light becomes the only hope to reverse things. Our intelligence is the last salvation. Running and jumping we keep living.  Then the gears and the machines, they recall as our bodies and our world are mechanical, maybe fake? And then chaos, unknown forces and magnetism. We are pushed down, then pushed up. Higher and higher, like a dream. But no clouds, no lights. The atmosphere is mesmerizing and the time slows down. The forces get along within us and we are ready. The jump, the impact and the splinters flying off. Without moving. The break and then silence. The fall, the black grass, death. And then everything stops, we’re dead.

But a jump is enough to come to life, in the darkA jump to be born, again. Looking for someone.


Limbo is a disturbing adventure since its beginning. It manages to bring out the dark side of ourselves, almost hypnotizes us. The duration is short, but the experience is intense. Beyond logic lies something else: the monotony of life, the trust in others, the loss the exploitation of opportunities , the search for someone dear to us.

Limbo is a challenge of timing and intelligence. The perfect adventure for those who know that life can become an endless race for survival.

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