Zelda Breath of the NES DOWNLOAD & TRAILER

During The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild’s creation, Nintendo widely used a 2D version of the game. This prototype has been showed at GDC 2017 and, apparently, Winter Drake is working on it to create a remake called Zelda Breath of the NES. In this version of Brath of the Wild, you’re able to cut down trees, harvest food, shoot arrows, and use physics to kill enemies. Winter Drake said that will be added more features in later versions, such as more areas with distinct elements and atmospheres, puzzle elements for dungeons, and lots of ways to creatively kill enemies. Winter Drake also says: ““When a lot of people hear about this project, they jump to worrying about a cease and desist from Nintendo. While I’m going to stay hardworking on Breath of the NES for as long as I can, if Nintendo asks me to stop using their IP, I do plan to continue development with my own original characters. I’m having way too much fun creating this world to just give up“. Enjoy the trailer for Zelda Breath of the NES below and download it HERE.